Joyful Times in Communities

We have looked at a number of challenges that communities such as our own are faced with and shared some ideas about what they do to get them through. Today we are blogging about the happy times that we experience in our communities (school, parish, family & sports) to name a few.

Leave a comment on this post about some times that communities celebrate. I have put some questions below to help you reflect on communal celebrations.

What are occasions/reasons community celebrate?

Why do you think they celebrate ?

Who is invited to the celebration?

How do they celebrate ? Some examples are parties or mass.

Where do they celebrate?

How often do they celebrate this occasion?

Homework week 7 term 4

This year I have learnt a lot of thing such as religion, maths, history and I`ve also gotten even better in reading. I played t-ball and Uruapan ham ball for the first time. I also think I have gotten better with my handwriting.This year my favourite topic would be art. I chose art be cause I really enjoy art because I  really want to be an artist when I grow up. The thing I enjoyed most about grad 4 is all the new friends that I have made and all the teachers that have helped me through out grade 4.

Dion’s year in 4M

My Time in Year Four

  • I have become very good at my times tables and enjoy doing maths.
  • I achieved 7th place in a Sumdog metropolitan maths contest.
  • I thought learning Fractions was really interesting.
  • I enjoyed being in year four because I got to get a computer to do my work on.

Jayden’s Reflection in grade four.

– What have you learnt this year?

The Main things are:










Reading Groups
– What have you achieved?


I’ve achieved lots of learning subjects.


– What was your favourite topic/concept you learnt about this year?


Technology & sport


– What have you enjoyed the most about being in year 4?


Getting a computer.


This year in year 4M

I can not believe that this year was amazing. I was new at the start of the year and I liked it. I wish the next year would be better in every way and every day,

my achievement was being a better hand writer. My other goal this year was achieving my maths goal


My favourite topic was science, We were growing plants in the class room and it was fun.



The first book we read was “the billionaires cures” and that book was the book I loved.


I enjoyed being in grade four was making friends and getting to know everyone .


What I Learnt This Year By Zoe

this year I have learnt so much so may be super long.

Math, in math I learnt times tables, fractions, dividing, graphs and how to do harder magic number.     English, persuasive writing, Narrative, mystery story’s,  persdres and poetry.   Reading I did not learn how to read this year I just got better. I learnt  how to use a computer. In sports I learnt how to do a aquation. In I now know how to play the recorder.


I have achieved so much  in sport by coming fifth out of the whole class in the aquation and making it in to shot put finals. In math I got 6 and 4 in sumdog.

my favorite subject in year 4 was art I loved it and it was just the best because you could make amazing things and I learnt so much.

My favorite thing in year four was my class, my teacher Mr. C and all the thing I learnt and I will remember them all.

Year 4

Today I’m going t write about The stuff about grade 4.

– What have you learnt this year? My multiplication
– What have you achieved? Running
– What was your favourite topic/concept you learnt about this year? poems
– What have you enjoyed the most about being in year 4? Doing genius hour.

What have I enjoyed in year 4 (And learnt)

At the start of the year I was very, very very very very very shy, but I made new friends and learnt new things, My favorite thing we learnt was T-Ball in sport (Gala-Day) It was for Gala-Day and I had so much fun with my team.

2nd Favorite thing: When we got our surface 3’s, the day I got meh surface 3 I was so happy, I had the control of my own laptop (I take back what I said, I don’t own it ;-;) I had fun playing math games, and other stuff Also had fun putting emoji’s in meh Word posts


And also, I want to say what I learnt. This year I learnt about (This is a very very long list if u dont wanna read it I dont mind)

Math, A= Math, V= Math, T-Ball, How to spell America correctly (Learnt it from computer), Learnt about Fractions, And I’m too lazy to put the rest in so yeah BAI 😛